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411 Service Provider for Customers

411 Service Provider (411SP) is the trusted name for service providers. 411SP actively screens licensed and insured service providers in all industries so you can be assured of quality of service and trust worthiness. Our database tracks all activities of our providers and rates them in terms of quality and savings to our customers.

Don’t just trust anyone… Trust 411!

411 Service Provider for Businesses

411 Service Provider is a network alliance of small to business owners of all trades etc… We advertise heavily under 411 Service Provider through all media possible. (e.g. Cable TV, ‘ Radio, Internet, Print etc…). Customers contact us via email or by phone at our call center. At that point the “Lead” will be passed on to the service provider for the service that is requested.Each service provider that is signed up and a part of our “Alliance” will receive leads within a designated radius that will be provided for them and whatever their trade or business is, they are assured by us that they will be the only business to receive leads (In Their Specific Trade).

Remain with us as long as they do “Good Business” meaning that they contact lead, set appointment, bid fairly on the job, follow through with the job and be sure that they are professional. With 411 Service Provider utilizing $50,000.00 in advertising funds (Based on 500 Business members) we can afford to do mass advertising. Therefore being able to represent the small business owners adequately and compete with larger businesses and corporations.